The Healing Revolution

The Healing Revolution film Synopsis

The Healing Revolution is a fresh documentary film that offers a fair and unbiased vision of where our current health and freedom stands today.  This all-American story follows the growing movement of people taking a more proactive and empowered role in their lives becoming more empowered and impassioned!

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This movie exposes the challenges to our personal freedom and the subsequent effects on our health. We will hear about over-reaching and self-serving corporate, political and regulatory agencies that restrict and control individual health freedom and human sustainability in the name of “Greed” and “Justice”.  We hear how our culture has created discontent and disorder with our health care crises that currently takes USA out of the top 10 healthiest countries worldwide.

This humanistic journey weaves interviews of doctors, authors, healers, farmers, mothers and healthcare workers such as Dr Joel Wallach, author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, David Wolfe, whole food advocate, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, (featured on Dr. Oz), Jonathan Emord, constitutional lawyer, and G. Edward Griffin, author, Deborah Ray,veteran talk show host, Charlotte Gerson of Gerson Therapy Institute.

Highlighting healing stories whose unsung victories are in sharp contrast to western medicine’s more traditional and narrow approaches to illustrate the healing potential of a more comprehensive integrative medicine. Yet, one that does not leave out the great successes available to us in western medicine. Interspersed with these interviews there lies a developing healing journey story that illustrates the duality of good people involved in both corporatized western medicine, with its impersonal focus on problems and the sustainable Organic food / lifestyle movement that is a trend currently experiencing a booming exponential growth.

With more life giving sustainable natural food and medicine sources we explore the potential for a deescalation in our current health care crisis, as the film asks the question; why can’t this be replicated on a more national level?